Food Trucks Rock

As in most big cities food trucks are becoming the rage in El Paso.  I’m fascinated by these mobile kitchens, the people who own and staff them, the menus and the whole experience.  Fantastic food prepared fresh before your eyes in a carnival-like atmosphere of happy eaters is quite an experience. These modern food trucks and the fare they dish up are a far cry from the old “roach coach” burrito trucks of yesteryear.  (They are still around, though.)  This new generation are true mobile kitchens, some with appliances I’d love to have in my home kitchen.

Robyn Renner and Lisa Noe started the Red, White and Chew Mobile Food Truck just 3 months ago.  I discovered them at Food Truck Friday on a Title Max Parking lot on the West Side.  They specialize in great pizzas and calzones.

Robyn is the creative chef who invents special recipes and executes them beautifully.

The t-shirt reads, “BECAUSE BEING A FREAKIN’ AWSOME CULINARY BAD ASS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL JOB TITLE.” Robyn is one freakin’ culinary bad ass in my book!

I almost missed a photo op when another customer got up his Mac and Cheese Pulled Pork pizza. You can see it at the bottom right of the photo just before he picked it up and dashed off to find a table.

My first experience with Red White and Chew was Robyn’s fantastic muffaletta calzone stuffed with ham, olives, artichokes and cheeses with a marinara dipping sauce on the side.  Last night, I tried the Pesto Porker pizza.  The delightfully chewy home made pizza crust topped with pesto and roasted garlic and a combination of  sausage crumbles, pepperoni slices and diced smoked ham and more pesto drizzles was almost too rich.  It’s explosion of diverse flavors with the bite of roasted garlic and pesto kept me going until I ate the whole thing. I’ll have to do penance with the veggie pizza next time!

Red, White and Chew’s Pesto Porker. Sorry about the lighting – the photo was shot on a folding table in a parking lot with an iPhone. Trust me, it was a beautiful and delicious pizza.

Look out, Robyn, I’ll be back!

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