Still Lovin’ Sabertooth and Their Neighboring Hope and Anchor

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Sabertooth and what a great place it is.  Eclectic menu! Great flavors! Talented Chef and Staff!  It remains a real favorite.

Sabertooth is adjacent to the Hope and Anchor Bar.  You can go to the bar, get a beverage and take in to the 24 seat restaurant.  Or, waitstaff from the restaurant will take your order and serve you in the bar.  It’s a good deal, either way.

Last night, we went to the Hope and Anchor because the restaurant was full.  We ate on the patio and it was a good experience.  Since it was the middle of the week, we didn’t get carded and tossed out for being too old in a place that is very popular with the younger crowd.  It was a good experience and one we’ll repeat.

I had my favorite nopalito and corn stuffed chiles rellenos as a birthday treat. See how good they are! Jack had the pulled pork tacos and a side of ranchero beans.

Look out, Kassandra and crew, we’ll be back!

Sabertooth’s chiles rellenos – before.
Sabertooth’s chiles rellenos – after.
Pulled pork tacos with red cabbage, avocado crema and a squeeze of lime.




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