Cool and Cloudy calls for Comfort Food

Yesterday, I picked up some fresh roasted chile.  We’re lucky enough to have a grocery chain that roasts green chiles every day year ’round. This morning, I woke up and it was very cloudy, a little rainy and it appeared to be cooler than it actually was.  I decided to make a favorite cool weather  breakfast in honor of the day: green chile cheese grits with poached eggs.  I peeled the roasted chiles and chopped the ones that were not in good enough shape to stuff.

I had fresh corn in the fridge that needed to be used. I cut the kernels off the corn and browned them slightly in a dab of butter in the pot I had for my grits.  When the corn took on a little color, I added water, brought it to a boil and slowly stirred in the grits.  As the grits took up the water and were nearly done, I stirred in the green chile and a little milk to make the grits richer.  When the grits were done, I stirred freshly grated cheddar cheese into the pot and melted it into the grits.  I then set the grits aside and turned by attention to poaching eggs.

Green chile cheese grits with fresh corn and poached eggs. The soft yolk makes the grits mixture silky and rich. A sprinkle of grated cheese adds a little color.

While my water heated, I cracked the eggs into custard cups with a couple of tablespoons of distilled white vinegar.  I also added a generous splash of vinegar to the cooking water.  When water came up to a gentle boil, I started stirring it to create a vortex.  I slipped the eggs into the vortex and kept stirring around the perimeter of the pan.  The vinegar and the vortex help the white form nicely around the yolk and reduce the stringy egg white that can happen when poaching.  I do the eggs individually so they shape up well.  I let the white set and I prefer to keep the yolk very runny.  The vinegar does not impart a taste to the eggs.

I am unabashedly proud of my poached eggs. My technique works about 98% of the time!


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