The Three Sisters Provide Multiple Delicacies

Native peoples call squash, beans and corn the three sisters.  They enjoy a symbiotic relationship with each plant providing something the others can use. Squash provides a natural mulch at the base of the beans and corn plants helping to moderate desert temperatures and conserve moisture. Beans fix nitrogen in the soil to nourish the corn and squash and corn provides a framework for the beans to climb.

One of the special joys of summer is squash blossoms.  They are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat, too!

A zucchini blossom is both beautiful and a delicious summer treat.

There are both male and female squash blossoms.  It is best to pick the males so that the females can produce fruit.  When preparing the blossoms, remove the stamen from the center of the flower.  The can be stuffed with cheese, battered and fried  or they can be chopped and added to other dishes.

I didn’t manage to get mine cooked last night, so they were a little droopy this morning.  They need to be used as quickly as possible for best results.  I removed the stamens and chopped the blossoms and stirred them into a pan of scrambled eggs.  Lovely flavor and lovely colors on the plate with a few grape tomatoes and a little jalapeño pepper.  A slice of 12-grain toast was just the right accompaniment, but a tortilla would have done as well.

Sunday breakfast, scrambled eggs with chopped squash blossoms, grape tomatoes, multi-grain toast and a little chile kick for fun.

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