A compliment makes you want to do it again.

I ran into a friend and his wife yesterday.  She said they had made my no-fry chicken wings and really enjoyed them.  That made me feel very good.  It also made me want chicken wings for dinner.

Grilled chicken wings two ways, traditional carrot and celery sticks with bleu cheese dressing and lemon cucumbers and onion marinated in white vinegar. Good eats at the doublewide!

I boil my chicken wings for 15 minutes to render the fat and cook the meat.  Then I marinate them for at least half an hour, turning them frequently to ensure an even coat of sauce.  I like Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and Frank’s Buffalo Hot Sauce for spicy wings.  Frank’s is hot enough, but not bitter like some hot sauces. Another favorite is cider vinegar as a marinade.  I sprinkle koser salt on the wings when I take them out of the vinegar.  I finish the wings on the barbecue grill to give them a little color and get a little crisp texture to the skin.  Easy and really good!  And no frying mess to clean up!

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