Instant Breakfast with the Gringo Gourmet

Among my favorite breakfast treats are huevos rancheros (tortillas, green chile sauce and eggs) and enchiladas montadas (red enchiladas with an egg on top).  Despite what you read on some menus, enchiladas montadas means the tortillas are stacked, not that the egg is mounted on the tortillas.  The best of both worlds is huevos divorciados (divorced eggs).  You get the green chile sauce on one side of the plate, and the red chile sauce on the other.  You can add refried beans or pot beans and whatever down the middle if you wish.  Sometimes you just want a simple uncontested divored egg breakfast.  I call it Instant Breakfast and it is super easy and super fast from the fridge to the table.

Instant Breakfast fix in’s for huevos divorciados.

It is Instant Breakfast because almost everything is ready to use.  You just need to chop a little onion, warm the tortillas and sauces and cook the eggs.  It is much simpler than making the salsas and tortillas from scratch!  I use El Pinto Green Chile Sauce (not the salsa) and either the El Pinto Red Chile Sauce or Red Enchilada Sauce.  Both are ready to use straight from the jar. El Pinto products are produced by the twin Thomas brothers of El Pinto Restaurant fame in Albuquerque.  Today, I decided to use up some of the min-taco size corn tortillas that were in the fridge.  It takes a long time to use up a package of 80 little tortillas!

Tortilla flipping on the comal (griddle) requires deft finger work if you want to retain your finger prints.


I don’t fry my corn tortillas, primarily because I don’t like to clean up after frying anything. I heat them on my cast iron comal because I’m not comfortable with playing in a gas flame with my bare fingers as some traditional cooks do.  Spoon some of the chile sauces onto the tortillas on a plate and sprinkle with a little chopped onion and shredded cheese.  I put my plates in the oven to stay warm while I cook the eggs.  I do cook the eggs in a pan with a hint of oil, but not enough oil to spatter everywhere.

Silky egg yolk and chile are a great way to start your day.


The result – huevos divorciados in the simplest form.  You can dress it up with lettuce, beans and maybe a little chopped cilantro, but if you want it as Instant Breakfast, just puncture the yolks of your eggs and dig right in.


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