A Different T on the BLT


Big Breakfast at our house used to mean eggs, bacon or sausage, biscuits and gravy.  This breakfast sandwich may be a contender in the big breakfast rankings.

15-grain whole grain bread, toasted, a schmear of mayo to seal the bread, one hard fried egg, two slices crisp thick bacon halved to make four sandwich size slices, medium sharp cheddar, romaine lettuce, and pan roasted tomatoes ramp up the BLT.  Make pan roasted tomatoes by halving grape tomatoes, putting them in a dry sauté pan and heating them until they give up their juices and get a little char.  When I use them as a sauce, I add a little minced garlic at the end and just a bit of liquid… water or wine.  Today, I wanted it spreadable, so I added a little water and used a hand potato masher in the pan to make a thick sauce.  The pan roasted tomatoes are a favorite around here.  The tastes reminds me a little of sun dried tomatoes.

Don’t accuse me of quoting Rachel Ray, but it was DEE-LISH! If only, I’d had the fixin’s for a Bloody Mary.  Sigh.


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