Sofi’s Does it Right!!

In a border town with a Mexican restaurant seemingly on every corner you find lots of good ones.  And occasionally an exceptional one that keeps drawing you back.

One of my favorites is Sofi’s.  It’s on the small side.  It features homestyle cooking.  Sofi is there almost all the time making sure it is maintaining quality food.  Service can be a little on the casual side, but the food more than makes up for any of that. Sofi’s is in a strip mall on Crossroads close to Doniphan on the West Side.

One of my favorite Mexican treats is sopes.  A sope (it is pronounced so-pay) is a cornmeal masa base topped with a choice of fillings and garnishes. Masa is dried field corn that is treated with slaked lime to loosen the hull from the kernels.  If it us used wet, it is just masa.  If it is dried and packaged, it is called masa harina (flour).  Masa harina is transformed into corn tortillas, tamales and other familiar Mexican food staples.  Some cooks bake their sopes on a griddle, others deep fry them.  At Sofi’s, a little red chile power is mixed in the masa, the bases are formed and fried so they have a nice texture to them.  I chose deshebrada – shredded roast beef – for my sopes.

The platter arrived with sides of beans and rise and containers of creama (a thinned sour cream), creama con aguacate (creama and avocado mixture) and a red chile sauce.  Half a lime to squeeze over the sopes makes  them even better.  Sofi’s serves a killer good salsa and tostadas as an appetizer, so it is a good thing that the serving includes three sopes.  I could have the table salsa on one and the three sauces on the other two.


The platter arrives.  Yes, this is a single serving.


A sope en estilo bandera Mexicana – a sope Mexican Flag style, red, white and green.


A sope disected:  the masa base topped with shredded beef, lettuce tomato and red chile sauce and a squeeze of lime.


Yes.  It was all good.  Try Sofi’s.  You, too will love the food.


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