Meatless Monday With Enhancements

I think Meatless Monday is a good idea.  It can be something simple or it can get quite elaborate, depending on mood and time.  Since Whole Foods came to town, one can choose from a broad array of special items at the olive bar and salad bar to kick up a simple salad.  You don’t have to fill the refrigerator will more than you need for one meal. Even the local Albertson’s has added a basic salad bar.

Last night, I decided to have a salmon filet roasted with Williams Sonoma Potlatch Seasoning.  This is a frequent treat on the grill, but it was windy last night, so I roasted it in the oven. I wanted a salad with the salmon, but what I had in the fridge was some baby arugula, some snacking cucumbers, limp celery and a couple of carrots and green onions.  Off to the store I went and picked up artichoke hears and drunken tomatoes at the olive bar.  Drunken tomatoes are lightly roasted and marinated in a vinaigrette spike with a splash of red wine. I found more goodies at the cold food bar – roasted baby  eggplant with green peppers and onions and a Brussels sprouts and kale salad.  I got just enough of the goodies for the salad to make one serving for each of us. – no left overs!

I drained the marinade from the drunken tomatoes and added olive oil, and a few pinches of Aleppo pepper with a smudge of whole grain mustard and make a dressing for the salad.  I added the bit of Brussels sprouts and kale salad to my arugula and tossed it all with the dressing.  When I plated the salmon, I arranged all the other goodies on the salad and plate and suddenly, the salmon and salad supper sparkled.

One word of caution, all the beautiful goodies on the food bars are sold by the pound.  Don’t get carried away or you’ll be in for a shock at the register!

Roasted salmon and salad enhanced with goodies from the food bars at the store. Meatless Monday at its best.

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