Corn Shucka Invented When I Played with My Food

Corn Shucka Invented

Dicussion this morning with my daughters this morning about making shakshouka for dinner this evening. The question was “red or green’. We’re in Colorado, but the discussion sounded like we were in Santa Fe.
It was an interesting morning for food discussion. We were invited to a pot luck supper last night. Mande made two kinds of cornbread, one recipe plain, one recipe with green chile. There was a debate about sugar in the cornbread. The girls have some Yankee notions about sugar in cornbread and white bread stuffing, thanks the “other” side of the family.
I decided to do a Play With Your Food demo for breakfast with distinctly Southern and Tex-Mex overtones.
It started with left over cornbread of both types and toasted thin slices of a baguette, a little chopped onion and celery, sweated in butter, some vegetable broth and chopped long green chile left over from yesterday’s cornbread prep.
I mixed it all together in a bowl and transferred it to a baking dish. I sunk six wells into the batter and popped it into the oven for about 20 minutes. The wells were inspired by thoughts of shakshouka which a vegetable stove top casserole in which eggs are cooked.
After 20 minutes my green chile cornbread stuffing was set and hot. I broke an egg into the wells and returned the dish to the oven with the goal of setting the egg whites while leaving the yolks soft and runny. I will admit I let the yolks overcook and they were not runny.
We each had two helpings of eggs in the green chile cornbread stuffing and pronounced it good. Daughter Emily came up with calling this Corn Shucka based on the eggs nestled in the corn bread.
Cooking without a recipe and Playing With Your Food produces good results.

Cornbread stuffing becomes Corn Shucka.



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