When you don’t know what else to do, play with your food.

Breakfast is always a challenge.  It seems to be a conflict between healthy and sweet or savory not so healthy. Who has time to plan as far ahead as the next day’s breakfast anyway? So, here it is Sunday morning.  An inventory of the kitchen: one medium potato, a couple of onions, eggs, left-over grated cheese from earlier in the week and a little bit of smoked pork belly that really should be used soon. There were a few slices of 21-grain bread and, hiding in the refrigerator, a jar with about two tablespoons of Seville Orange Marmalade.

Seeing the marmalade made me imagine flamenco guitar music. And then the magic words Spanish tortilla popped into my head. A Spanish tortilla works  for breakfast and as one of a table of tapas or small plates at happy hour. The good thing is the tortilla is basically eggs and potatoes with some imagination tossed in. Since I didn’t have Spanish chorizo, a hard sausage, I decided to use my pork belly. I diced the pork belly into cubes about 1/4 inch square, then I used my hand-held mandoline to slice the potato and paper thin rings of onion. An an afterthought, I grated some extra sharp cheddar, in case there wasn’t enough fat going into the tortilla from the pork belly!

I warmed the pork belly in a wide shallow sauté pan, spread it evenly and added a layer of onion slices separated into rings over the pork.  Next was a layer of potato slices.  I let the onions and potatoes soften for a few moments, then poured two beaten eggs and a splash of boxed egg product over everything. A few shakes and swirls got the egg mix down around the potato and onion slices.  After the eggs began to set around the edges, I put the pan in a 375º oven for about 10 minutes.  I check that the eggs were set throughout, then place a plate over the pan and flipped the tortilla out onto the plate.  I slipped it back into the pan, bottom side up, sprinkled it with a little cheddar cheese and popped it back into the oven to  melt. I turned the oven off while this happened and made toast.

My Spanish tortilla inspired breakfast was a  hit.  My good neighbors gave us a wonderful homemade salsa that added a good kick to the tortilla. And, FYI, I polished off the marmalade on my toast!

This is one of those play with your food and cook without a recipe meals that I’d like to make another time.  Let’s hope memory and this posting kick in and make it as good a second time.

Layer tortilla and eggs just beginning to set.
Upside down tortilla showing meat layer now on top and melted cheese.
Toast, a few grape tomatoes for color and two slices of Spanish-inspired breakfast tortilla. A wonderful salsa from my neighbor livens up the tortilla.


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