There’s a New Game in Town!


Anticipating the grand opening of our Whole Foods Market, I was prepared to wait it out!

We’re experiencing some changes on the Westside of El Paso.  Wednesday, Oct. 18, the city’s first Whole Foods Market opened on Mesa St., near Coronado High School.  It has been a mob scene as people marvel at the variety of produce and fish we’ve not had readily available before. Of course, I’ve been giddy with delight for a week now!

I made it and survived the crowds to score a few purchases.

In addition to the groceries and health products the store has the hot and cold bars of  prepared dishes by the pound. It has a restaurant with 24 beer taps, wine by the glass and more. Nothing like shopping tipsy to fill up a grocery cart!

For me, the experience has been enriched by finding that some of the staff I know from other stores have moved up and are benefiting from the Whole Foods training experience as they mature their skills.

Speckled Swan Ornamental Gourds.
Frightful pumpkins for Halloween. A fungus causes the distortion of the skins.










Spanish Padron and Japanese Shishito peppers in town at last!
From the top: burrata and fennel salad, smashed potatoes, grilled Shishito and Padron peppers and grilled chicken thighs. Burrata is hard to find here. Whole Foods sold out of it in a day.












Bliss! Smoked pork belly. Savory and succulent! And even better when the clerk remembers you as a customer at his last job and puts an “it’s on us!” sticker on your package and it’s free!
Pork belly, frambled eggs and toast for breakfast. Hard to top. Break two eggs into a small pan, scramble one and let the other cook sunny side up – frambled eggs.Bliss! Smoked pork belly.












You do have to be sensible when shopping Whole Foods.  They have some very price things to make you gasp! I go to check the produce and the bulk foods for good prices and new things to try. And, there is the occasional splurge for something extra special. I’m enjoying having all they to learn about just a mile away.

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