Still Playing with My Food

You’ve held up well to many versions of greens and beans, a favorite quick and easy dinner fix for me. Here’s another way to do it – without a recipe!

I simmered three beef sausages covered with water for about 15 minutes, per package instructions.  I set them aside, dried the pan and sweated some chopped onion until translucent. I stared out cooking the onion in scant splash of olive oil and as it began to soften, I added a healthy splash of chicken broth. As it finished cooking the onion, the broth developed a little more flavor.  When the onion was ready, I added a chopped kale and chard mix and some garlic chips with more broth and simmered it all until the greens were tender.  I like the chips of steamed onions as a surprise bite in the greens. Then, I stirred in a can of rinsed cannellini beans and a healthy couple of splashes of white wine vinegar. I stirred it up until the beans were warm and plated it in a bowl with the sausages – one and a half sausages peer serving was enough to counteract the health benefits of beans and greens.

Sometimes I serve beans and greens  with lots of broth as a soup and the addition of a little pasta.  At other times it is thicker as a sauce for linguine. And sometimes it is served with almost all the liquid cooked off as a side dish.   I primarily use cannellini beans, but I’ve been known to use pinto beans and red pepper flakes for a southwestern touch. Good flavor combos are very flexible.

Kale and chard greens and beans with sausage was just right for a cloudy evening with a slight hint of fall in the air. I do have to have a splash of hot sauce on my greens for a little extra kick.


While the beans and greens and sausage were prepared without a recipe, I must confess that there is an out of the picture side made with a recipe.  Southern corn bread for sopping up the bean juice!

I use the recipe on the Quaker Corn Meal container, but I eliminate the sugar it calls for.  This is corn bread, not cake!  For this meal, I followed the recipe.  At other times, I add green chile salsa or corn kernels or chopped crisp bacon just for the fun of it.


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