Tuna Steaks Done right

I’ve been looking at tuna steaks and the other seafood at the market. Last night, I could resist no longer so I picked up a pair. Of course, I needed a couple of sides, so I grabbed baby bok choi and went looking for a pseudo-asian boxed rice mix. Instead, I found a boxed Pad Thai noodle bowl that I split into two servings.

When I do tuna steaks, I pick up a packet of wasabi mix crackers and peas and other interesting crispy things I  have yet to identify. I run them through a mini-food chopper until they are coarse crumbs.  I press both sides of the tuna steaks into the crumb mixture and pan sear them.  I get a nice crunchy crust with a hint of wasabi kick that compliments the tuna.

Tuna steaks on the griddle pan. The first side crust browned nicely.
Pad Thai noodles, tunia steak and steamed baby bok choi. Better than the Grand China Buffet versions for sure!
I like my tuna steaks with a crust and light sear and a bring pink middle. I never want it grey and dry all the way through. It needs to be watched closely while you sear it.
This perfectly pink bite almost didn’t get to be in the photo!

Searing tuna is very simple and the results are wonderful. Just keep an eye on it and don’t overcook it.

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