Getting Spicy Down at the Doublewide

Cooler nights inspire comfort foods.  I tried a new variation on a favorite – baked sweet potatoes with chipotle cream.  I usually peel and slice sweet potatoes and bake them in a casserole with a mixture of minced chipotle chiles in adobo and Mexican cream.  Delicious, but sometimes the crema breaks and the casserole looks like it was sprinkled with cottage cheese.  Tasty, but not attractive.

Time to think outside the casserole dish! Would the hassleback potato technique work with sweet potatoes?

Hassleback sweet potato with chipotle crema and cilantro.

It worked!  To make hassleback potatoes (white or sweet), I place the potato between two pencils on my cutting board and slice the potatoes at 1/8 inch intervals.  The pencils keep me from cutting through the potatoes.

After slicing, I brush them lightly with butter or oil and get a little inside the slice cuts.  Bake them at 375 until done.  I poke them with a tooth pick toward the middle to test for doneness.

I topped my hassleback sweet potatoes with that mixture of minced chipotle pepper in adobo, a little extra adobo sauce and Mexican crema.  You can add as much chipotle to the crema as your tastebuds allow.

And, lest you think we only had sweet potatoes for dinner at the double wide, here’s the rest of the meal – braised boneless beef ribs topped with barbed sauce and steamed kale with garlic chips (paper thin slices of garlic steamed with the kale).  A few drops of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce kept the spicy them going all around the plate.

The whole Dinner at the Doublewide. Braise boneless beef short ribs, hassleback sweet potato with chipotle crema and steamed kale with garlic chips and a sprinkle of hot sauce.








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