Where did I See This?

Browsing through the ever-growing stacks of cooking magazines, I saw an interesting sandwich with arugula, provolone and a poached egg.  I enjoy poaching eggs almost as I enjoy eating them. I needed eggs, so while at the store I picked up a box of baby arugula and a small packet of provolone. Back at home, the search began… where was that picture and recipe? What bread did they use?  What spread, if any, was on the sandwich?

Days later, I still haven’t found it, but I’m confident it will turn up again.  In the meanwhile I decided to see what I could do with the ingredients I remembered.

When I poach eggs, a put two tablespoons white distilled vinegar in a custard cup for each egg. I break the eggs into the vinegar and let them sit a few minutes while I heat water and a little more vinegar in a deep pot.

As the water heated, I toasted whole grain bread and slathered it side to side with my favorite Trader Joe’s whole grain dijon mustard.  In a skillet, I warmed John Morrel “Off the Bone” sliced ham.  It is real sliced ham, not pressed food glue ham; it is too thick to read through like most deli-shaved ham you can find.  It is worth searching for. I just warmed the ham through, I didn’t want to fry it.  I topped it with a couple of slices of provolone and turned off the heat so the cheese would warm and soften but not get runny melted.

When the water was simmering, I began to swirl it gently until I created a vortex in the center of the pan.  I carefully slipped the egg into the vortex and kept it swirling.  The egg began to gather and poaching strings of egg white were minimized by the swirling and the vinegar’s action. The egg shaped up beautifully and after no more than three minutes in the water, I lifted it out with a slotted spoon and placed it on a paper towel to collect any remaining vinegar water.  I’ve never  had one of my poached eggs stick to the paper towel and I use extreme caution when moving it to the serving plate.

I placed the warm ham and cheese on the mustard slathered toast, put a scant handful of arugula on top and nestled the egg into the greens.  A little poke with the tip of a knife and a trickle of yolk added  more color to the open faced breakfast sandwich.

Open-faced ham, provolone, arugula and poached egg breakfast sandwich.

Perhaps I don’t need to worry too much about finding that magazine.

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  1. Fromthefamilytable

    In college I would often end my late-night studies at the White Palace Diner with a fried egg (still runny) and ham sandwich with cheese and a thick slice of Bermuda onion. Still a favorite for me and my middle-aged son.

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