Comfort Food, Chilero Style

First freeze warning last night in the borderland.  Sunny afternoon with a chill wind made me want a hot pot of something for dinner to ward off the cold. Inspiration started with a bowl of roasted and peeled green chiles in the refrigerator. The toss up was between chile verde con carne (green chile with meat) or green chile chicken soup.

Chicken soup with green chile and a serrano pepper garnish for a little extra heat.

The winner was green chile chicken soup.  Onion and garlic sweated in the pot, skin on chicken thighs lightly browned with the onion and garlic, then a long simmer in a broth enhanced by Better than Bullion chicken base. The cooked thighs were set aside to cool and chopped green chiles and peeled and diced potato added to the pot.  While the potatoes cook, skin and meat were removed from the thigh bones.  When the potatoes were done, about half were mashed in the pot to thicken the broth.  Then the chicken went back into the pot and all was brought up to temperature.

The last few batches of green chiles have been unusually mild so it takes several to up the taste.  I used a serrano pepper both as a garnish and a little extra crunchy heat.  A sprinkle of cilantro leaves and a couple of corn tortillas with a dab of butter finished off a spirit warming dinner.

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