Mussels are Back!

Curried Mussels.  Don’t be fooled by the small serving. I had three bowslful and later picked at a few left in the pot.

My market didn’t carry mussels in the summer – those months without an r.  Their frozen muscles were gone before the end of May. It was a long summer without those tasty morsels. When I went shopping yesterday afternoon, there were none in the fish case.  I asked if there were any in the back.  John went to check.

If you are good to the meat market guys, they are good to you! I am always good to the meat market staff!  John brought out a new box, opened it and hand picked a pound and a half for me.  He did very well.  Only two of sixty-something mussels didn’t open.

I made a broth of sautéed leeks, garlic and unsweetened coconut milk with Madras Curry.  The curry was mild, even though I doubled the recommended amount.  It made a deliciously rich broth. A chopped cilantro garnish was the right touch for the mussels and curried broth.  Next time, I’ll use a more potent green curry power from my arsenal.

Since my grocery had no naan, I served a thin flatbread instead.  Steamed chard was a satisfying side for the mussels.

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